Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New site awarded!

Received new site from HQ regarding site replacement due to one site have to dismantle. Hu hu hu! Very dizzy ... why? it because my new site was in 'black' area ... ha ha ha! adoiiii ... pening kepala! Mcm2x masalah.. how to settle ek? urghhh! Our client need this site to be on-air by end of March '09. Based on wikimapia & Google Map ... hurmmm... the location is paddy field and not far away from the another one of our tower. That tower also still not construct yet due to public complaint. Tension meh.. byk site yg ade masalah ni... dr segi tenancy agreement nyer lah .. lokasi x sesuai lah ... mcm2x lah... pokok pangkalnya... ape ek? ha ha ha ... sabar jer lah... banyakkan berdoa ... & bertenang ...

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