Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Farewell Breakfast

My housemate, Ijan.. invite me to have a farewell breakfast at kopitiam, honda. hu hu hu! so sad.. I know in heart, she is crying.. btw, life must goes on.. she will be married on 4hb November 2008 (Thursday). We are talking from heart to heart.. especially about manggo tree in front of my house... we're nagging with whom are pluck our manggo without our notice 'kurang asam punye budak2x' he he he! I'll be alone again... I have to accept the fates.. at least, I'm happy with myself.. my menu for breakfast is fried mee & apple juice... nyum2x and her, mee soto & teh o ice.. after this, what ever she want to do, she had asking permission with her husband.. do you think his husband will agreed if his wife want to spend her time for outdoor with her friend? hurmmm... at the end, after shakes hand.. we spread into different destination... hu hu! So sad...

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